Ciclos F. E-Learning

International Students



HND International Business and Marketing
  • Identifying and selecting potential clients /suppliers according to established criteria and commercial and business objectives of the organization.
  • Connecting with clients / suppliers according to established criteria and commercial and business objectives of the organization.
  • Negotiating various aspects of the transaction of international buying and selling to define conditions of the commercial relationship.
  • Carrying out specific market / commercial surveys for the company worldwide.
  • Performing administrative operations related to import / export and reception / dispatch of goods.
  • Taking steps concerning promotional activities planned by the company in international trade.
HND Computing (Administration of Networked Computing Systems)
  • Assembling and replacing the HW components on machines.
  • Detecting and identifying problems on computers.
  • Solving computing problems.
  • Installing the operating system and basic applications (antivirus, office IT applications, …) in the company computers.
  • Installing specific applications for the company ‘s business.
  • Installing and replacing Network Cards (CABLE and WIFI).
  • Installing wiring in small and medium-sized networks.
  • Connection to SWITCHS / ROUTERS.
  • Installing and configurating WEB, PROXY, FTP SERVICES, in the company’s and the users’s computers.
  • Offering user support.
HND Computing (Multiplatform Applications Development)
  • Design Databases based on conceptual patterns.
  • Using Interactive Database Management Systems (SQL).
  • Designing data systems using UML methodology.
  • Developing graphic applications with database access.
  • Developing games, multimedia applications and mobile devices applications.
  • Introducing ERP-CRM systems developing components in the integrated language.
  • Designing user interfaces on the basis of the specifications and requirements of an application.
  • Installing operations systems of Windows servers.
  • Installing GNU/Linux operating systems.
  • Interconnecting networked systems by managing the resources and by identifying the security restrictions.
  • Using XML for data transmission on the Web.
HND Administration and Finance
  • Analysing and filling documents on the basis of commercial, labour and tax regulations.
  • Performing accounting records relating to economic and financial transactions in the books.
  • Preparing and analyzing financial statements.
  • Informing and advising the customer on financial and insurance products and/or services by setting up a custom control system.
  • Processing and managing administrative paperwork in official bodies.
  • Using specific computing systems for administration and business purposes.
  • Processing and managing the stocks on the basis of minimum and optimus levels.
  • Making budget plans, supervising the cash management in the short and medium term, analyzing the collection and payment flows, raising one’s finance and others ‘ and studying the feasibility of investment projects.
  • Analysing the selection,recruitment and training of human resources, overseeing the management of personnel, as labor standards and criteria set.
  • Solving problems and making decisions by consulting with his superiors the adopted solution for every situation.
HND Motor Vehicles
  • Receiving  and delivering vehicles.
  • Performing vehicle breakdown diagnosis.
  • Managing the  store.
  • Diagnosing vehicle maintenance operations.
  • Diagnose the vehicle body area
  • Performing maintenance in the areas of electromechanical and vehicle body.
  • Budgeting repairs.

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